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Let’s start by pairing you with a like-minded consultant.
Let’s start by pairing you with a like-minded consultant.

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People like you

Good people tend to know good people. So please recommend a friend who works in any of the areas we cover. If we pair them successfully with like-minds, we’ll give you a £200 Selfridges voucher.


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It only takes minutes to gain access to expert knowledge, advice and an extensive network for your entire career. We don’t ask for much, just a few key details.


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Helping clients and candidates have more successful lives, makes our people happy. We’re a driven, entrepreneurial, work together, play together business that’s always growing. So if this sounds like you, then please register with us today.

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From time to time, we would like to send you marketing updates via email about our products and services. Please tick here if you’re happy for us to get in touch via email. Our privacy notice is available here and sets out how we process personal data.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Gemini People Like You Terms and Conditions:
  2. To receive this incentive, nominated referrals cannot already be registered with Gemini People.
  3. Temporary referrals must complete an assignment of 6 weeks.
  4. Permanent referrals once placed by Gemini People must complete probation period. Incentive will be sent upon completion of probation period.
  5. Placements must be made within 6 months of the referral.
  6. Gemini People reserves the right to terminate all or part of this offer at any time without notice.
  7. There are no limits to the number of referrals a candidate can make.
  8. Gemini People will collect and store personal information under the terms of our Privacy Statement, provided when the candidate comes to our offices to register.

Why us?


Our Candidates

  • To a happier work life

    On average we spend over 99,000 hours at work, so this huge chunk of our lives should be spent as happily as possible, right? That’s why at Gemini, we don’t just place people: we pair like-minds. This means we take the time to find out how you tick, so we know who’ll tick all your boxes. We aim for same wavelengths and inspiring mentors, not just colleagues and bosses. Plus we give you a career-cycle consultant, who’s there for you, every step up the ladder.

  • Pairing you with your dream job

    A job spec doesn’t show you things like the atmosphere, the style of management, the personality of your team or the culture in and out of the office. But these are what make your dream job, not just the work.

    That’s why we’re here. We meet every leading name, agency, business or organisation we partner with, face to face. So we know not only what they’re like on paper, but what they’re like as people. And that’s why when we meet you, we’ll know exactly who will bring out the best in your work, and the best in you. Now that’s a dream job.

  • Honesty is our policy

    Ever had a bad word to say about recruiters? Well if you have, we dedicate this section on our honesty and transparency to you. We see it as our mission to change your mind about our profession. That’s why we’re always upfront with you, giving realistic, reliable advice, and keep you informed of your progress throughout the hiring process. Plus, and here’s the clincher, we always do what we say we’re going to do. We think that’s what gets us the good words.

  • Our blacklist

    Fake job specs
    False hope
    The Air Kiss
    Forgetting Your Name
    Lazy Canvassing
    Weak Handshakes
    Unsuitable positions
    Setting unrealistic salary expectations
    Saying one thing, doing another
    Not getting back to you
    Feedback dodging
    BS (begins with bull, ends with…)

  • Your Gemini partner

    We pair you with a like-minded consultant who really gets you and your market. They have specialist knowledge in your industry: how it operates, what your role entails and who’s hot right now. Plus their extensive network of big names and dynamic challengers gives them invaluable insights on what people are looking for at any given time, so they can be proactive on your behalf.

  • To affinity and beyond

    Your Gemini partner will be with you through the entire hiring journey, from interview preparation with our unique technique, through to aftercare, via regular check-ins. We even prepare you for your resignation, and celebrate your success. Yet the most important thing we give you, is confidence. We want you to aim high, so the whole process is about inspiring and motivating you to reach your potential.


Our Clients

  • To a happy partnership

    Staffing and resourcing can be stressful. You need to find someone who has specific skills, knows a certain industry inside out and fits into a particular environment: right now. The speed, precision and targeting requires a specialist recruiter.

    That’s why we’re here. We pair you with a like-minded consultant who gets you and your market: an expert in their field with unrivalled industry knowledge supported by an understanding of the latest key trends, and an extensive network of the best talent. Bullseye. Now that’s the start of a happy partnership.

  • Pairing like-minds to your business

    There is so much more to successful, happy placements than the right skillsets. That’s why we pair like-minds. People who have the personality, attitude and talents that complement your vision, connect with your values and power your business.

    How do we do this? We meet every client and candidate face-to-face. This way we know not only what they’re like on paper, but what they’re like as people. You see, we take the time to find out how you tick, so we know exactly who’ll tick all your boxes.

  • Our service gives you the best of both

    We have the structure, consistency and broad network of a large corporate, yet the agility, commitment and personal touch of a small boutique. This makes our service efficient, high-calibre, refreshingly candid and bespoke to you.

    Your like-minded consultant is with you throughout the hiring process, checking in regularly and keeping in close contact, from the initial meeting to the successful placement. Oh, and until the candidate’s thriving in your business. Hmm, and even beyond that: because we feel our role never really ends.

  • Honesty is our policy

    We’re interested in building a credible partnership with you, the foundations of which are simple, honest and transparent conversations. So facades just don’t feature in the plans. We act as your guide through the challenging landscape of recruitment, not seeking the easiest route, but the more rewarding and fulfilling one. It’s this attitude and commitment that has given us our high level of repeat business for both candidates and clients. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials.


Our People

  • Join the happy people

    Ask any of our staff what they like about working here and they’ll exclaim, ‘fantastic culture!’, ‘awesome incentives!’ and ‘brilliant benefits!’. We invest in our people: whether it’s with training or a trip to Monte Carlo. We make sure they’re listened to, understood and supported, because we know they’re the heart and ambition of our business.

  • Are you a like-mind?

    Gemini people: we’re unique in our own ways, but we do share key qualities. For a start, we’re passionate about recruitment – bet you don’t hear that often. What we mean is, we hire the top talent in the business, those who find that helping people make a success of their lives, makes them happy. We’re driven to build long-lasting relationships with clients, candidates and our colleagues, where we bring out the best in each other.

  • Have the best of both

    Our environment is a mixture of what works in a corporate, and what’s great about a boutique. We have a process, but we’re nimble enough to leap over the red tape when needed. We’re structured, yet entrepreneurial, so if you have a brilliant idea for the business, we’ll listen. You get comprehensive training programmes to upskill you, as well as Gemini Big Nights In to wind you down after a busy day.

  • Respect cuts both ways

    We give our people the respect and empowerment they deserve. In return, they act with integrity, passion and commitment. It’s a two-way thing, and we get that. Which is why we’re a meritocracy: the more you put in, the more you get back. Promotion is about performance, not ‘face fit’ or length of service. Yes respect cuts both ways, so we’ve shattered the glass ceiling.

  • A strong and uplifting market

    The creative industries are an exciting and buoyant market to work in. There’s a diverse range of clients from big brands and hot boutiques to challenger start-ups and ethical organisations. You can find your niche in agency sectors from Advertising to Technology, or those in Industry, including Fashion and Not-For-Profit. Not forgetting the exciting fast-pace of Freelance, which works across everything.

Creative agency
our big ideas,
are you

We pair like-minds, and this means the right fit not only for the work, but the agency culture too. Because we get that this makes the work better. It starts with pairing you with one of our specialist consultants in Advertising, Integrated, PR, Branding or Events & Experiential. They’ll find your perfect fit, whether it’s conceptual thinking, project delivery, selling the impossible, production prowess, softball champions or all-night dancers.

Digital agency
living and
breathing digital

We pair like-minds, which is why we have specialist Digital Agency People who are immersed in the digital space, just like you. They’re plugged into its mainframe, knowing their AJAX from their EDGE, their SnapChat from their Yik Yak, and switched onto the latest trends in digital recruitment, whether it’s for creative, media, social, production, client services, data or tech.

we speak your

We pair like-minds, which is why we have a team of specialists for each industry. They really get you and what you want because they are experts in your market sector. So you’ll be partnered with a consultant who speaks your lingo, and is fluent in all your industry’s specialisms. This understanding is what has helped us build so many happy long-term partnerships, with both our clients and candidates.

agile, swift
and precise

We pair like-minds: talents, personalities and attitudes that complement agencies and companies. This shouldn’t be compromised when it comes to the fast-paced fire-fighting world of the freelance market. That’s why our Freelance People meet every single one of their clients and candidates face to face, so they know what they’re like on paper, and what they’re like as people. This means they can react not just quickly, but precisely. Important, especially when it comes to putting out fires.

Freelance portal

Complete and submit your timesheets, access invoices, plus find remittance and payroll advice, right here.

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And now for the exciting bit. All the latest news on what our people are doing for you and our charities.

People Know

Insightful thought-pieces and useful articles from our people and other specialists, covering the whole spectrum of the colourful creative industries.

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People Know

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Our story

Gemini is the first recruitment agency in the advertising, digital and media markets that gives you the best of both a large corporate, and a small boutique. Gemini was launched in June 2011. Its mission was simple: to be the leading recruiter in its chosen creative industries, with the ambition to compete internationally.

Our fresh and challenging entrepreneurial spirit means we’re always investing in new areas, to keep our offering diverse and broad. Now we’re known as much for our industry-side expertise as our agency-side. While our love of innovation inspires us to take advantage of developments in technology, so our service is the most consistent and efficient it can be.

We’ve won many awards, the highlights being Mara Best Newcomer and Mara Best Integrated Agency, plus we came 8th in The Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies To Work For. Also importantly, we have grown from 3 to 60 of the best specialist consultants around, including Francesca Hernandez, Director in our London office, Claire Summerfield, Director in our Midlands office and Jo Jewitt our Operations Director. Not bad for a business still in its infancy. Well, that’s our prologue: here’s to our next chapter.

Meet the directors

Richard Bloom

Director, Digital Agency People.

The oracle and the listener: Gemini’s Richard is the best of both.

One of the founders of Gemini People, Richard also heads up the digital agency team, specialising in digital client services, strategy and social media. He’s plugged into the market’s motherboard, a hard drive of information on the latest trends in evolving technology.

He’s been working in digital recruitment since 2005, with a focus on senior level from 2010, so he knows the digital agency world like the back of his hand. In fact, he’s personally shaken the hands of, worked with and placed many of those with top positions in digital, giving him invaluable insights into the industry.

If you get paired with Richard, you’ll be happy because…

  • He’s a listener. That’s why the great and the good come to him for advice
  • He’ll think outside the box to find you the best solution, one that no one else would have ever thought about
  • He’s thorough. No virtual stone will be left unturned
  • He launched a kid’s digital radio station called Oink

What you say about him…

Simon Nixon, Founder of Nixon Digital.

"I come across recruiters day in, day out, but you’d be hard pushed to find anyone as knowledgeable and diligent as Richard. As a client, I can vouch for his thoroughness in finding the right talent and only sending you the very best people. As a candidate, I cannot speak highly enough about how hard Richard works on your behalf and how well prepared you would be for an interview."


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